Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kids Need Caregivers

Kids need people who will take care of them, teach them how to live, and protect them from evil influences.  These people need to care about the kids as much as they care about themselves in order to do a good job.

If you have kids that are in your care, then you need to make sure that those kids are being adequately cared for. 

Caring for kids means more than meeting their physical needs.  Healthy diet, exercise, a safe environment in which to sleep, eat, and play - all these are extremely important.  However, caring for kids means more than that.  It means helping kids develop character, wisdom, and common sense.  It involves showing them how to be honest, deal with their emotions, work hard, and make a positive difference in the world. 

Kids are naturally foolish, meaning they think they know what's what, but they really don't.  They don't naturally know how to be kind to others, how to give to those in need, how to be polite, or how to work for a living.  Their minds are childish and childlike.  The childish side is the foolish side that needs to be taught how live a healthy live.  The childlike side needs to be protected from evil. 

Evil in kids' lives can take the form of people who abuse, neglect, bully, or exploit.  It can also take the form of messages: "It's all about you;" "Do whatever you think is right;" "If it feels good, do it;" "You should be able to have whatever you want;" "Your worth lies in your physical appearance."  There are many more.  Evil messages like these pour into homes all accross the country every day.  Media is the main delivery method.  Know what your kids are watching/reading/listening to.  Don't let them feed their brains with junk.

Thought for the day:
Kids need caregivers who will provide for their physical needs, teach them how to live, and protect them from evil.  If you are a caregiver, how well are you doing your job?  Are there ways you could do better?

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