Tuesday, January 25, 2011


KIDS ARE IMPORTANT.  They need us.  They can't figure out life on their own.  Our culture poisons kids.  It teaches them lies about life.  Our job is to teach them the truth.  Only then will they be able to grow into healthy, high-functioning adults.

This blog is about parenting our kids against the flow of the cultural current.  It threatens to sweep kids away to destruction.  We need to fight it with all we've got.

Here is one of the strong currents of our culture: kids aren't important.  They are secondary to adults.  THIS IS A LIE.  This might sound corny, but it's true: kids are the future of our country and our world.  They are the ones who will carry on after we're gone.  If we care about them at all, we don't want to leave them to face life on their own.  Instead, we want to find ways to instruct, train, and guide them into maturity.  Kids don't do well physically when we neglect to feed them healthy food or provide them with adequate shelter.  Similarly, kids's character development suffers when we don't teach them how to live life in a healthy way.  They don't learn how to make wise choices on their own.  A child's heart is naturally foolish.  Only with instruction in the truth will a child grow into a wise adult.

So the key thought for today is: 
Kids are important.  They are just as important as anyone else, including me.  I am not more important than my kids.  My needs are not more important than their needs.

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